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Gem Antiques is a gallery specializing in American and European art pottery and porcelain of the 18th - 20th centuries, and antique and contemporary glass paperweights.

The gallery was established by Mr. Jack Feingold in 1967. Prior to pursuing a career in the antiques trade, Mr. Feingold was an avid collector of paperweights and ceramics. Over the past forty-five years, Mr. Feingold has been at the forefront of the American art pottery field. In 1976, Mr. Feingold co-published a new edition of Edwin AtLee Barber's
The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States & Marks of American Potters, which was originally published in 1903. This edition was one of the first scholarly contributions to the field of American art pottery since the early 20th century. In 1987, Mr. Feingold co-published another significant work - Art Pottery of the United States, by Paul Evans.

Mr. Feingold is a member of the Appraiser's Association of America, The Paperweight Collector's Association, The American Art Pottery Association, and the Friends of the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Jack Feingold

The paperweight inventory at Gem Antiques includes antique French, American, and English examples from the art form's Classic Period, roughly 1845-1870, as well as a wide variety of contemporary works by artists from the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

Antique: Baccarat, Bacchus, Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, Clichy, Millville, New England Glass Company, Pinchbeck, Saint Louis

Contemporary: Melissa Ayotte, Rick Ayotte,  Baccarat, Bob Banford, Ray Banford, Chris Buzzini, Cristal d'Albret, John Deacons, Jim D'Onofrio, Dave Graeber, Charles Kaziun, Lundberg Studios, Damon MacNaught, William Manson, Peter McDougall, Orient & Flume, Perthshire, Cathy Richardson, Colin Richardson, Ken Rosenfeld, Alison Ruzsa, Daniel Salazar, Bruce Sillars, Clinton Smith, Gordon Smith, Paul Stankard, Stankard Studio, Saint Louis, Debbie Tarsitano, Delmo Tarsitano, Victor Trabucco, Francis Whittemore, Paul Ysart

A selection of antique and contemporary paperweights at Gem Antiques

Gem Antiques' inventory of ceramics is equally extensive and includes European and American examples of stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain from the late 18th century through the mid-20th century.

American Pottery & Porcelain: Bennington Pottery (United States Pottery Company), Ceramic Art Company, Dedham Pottery, Faience Manufacturing Company, Fulper Pottery, Grueby Pottery, Knowles, Taylor, & Knowles, Lenox, Incorporated, Newcomb College Pottery, George Ohr, Ott & Brewer, Rookwood Pottery, Teco Pottery, Union Porcelain Works, Van Briggle Pottery, Weller Pottery, Willets Manufacturing Company

Part of our inventory of Rookwood Pottery

European Pottery & Porcelain: Bing and Grøndahl, Galle Pottery, Gouda Pottery, Emaux de Longwy Pottery, Limoges Porcelain, Clément Massier, Meissen, Minton, Moorcroft Pottery, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Rosenthal, Sèvres Porcelain, Staffordshire, Wedgwood, Wiener Werkstatte

Part of our inventory of blue and white Wedgwood Jasperware

Our diverse inventory can be viewed at our gallery space on Madison Avenue, and can be
sampled online. If you have any special requests, please contact us! We may have what you are looking for.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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